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We as, Mass machinery are Experts in Metal Fabricating Machinery, Parts, Tooling, and Service. Mass Machinery sheet metal working Technologies is here to help our customers, decrease expenses, reduce operating costs, and supply the right products for the customer’s needs. 


We provide spare parts support for all Turkish machinery brands. Our main focus recognizing the individual requirements of our discerning customers


So that we always supply you with suitable spare parts with high added-value for their sheet metal processing tasks.

Our team are  intensively focused and regularly trained to understand customers’ needs and expectations in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

- Ensure maximum customer satisfaction 


· Improve the quality of products and services by decreasing delivery times and cost so that we make sure maximum customer satisfaction.


· Implement continuous improvement, customer-oriented business, and the philosophy of saying ‘Us’ instead of ‘I’ is our company culture.


To achieve efficient and sustainable business results in keeping with the goals, values, and strategies of the Mass Machinery every area of our operations in the machine tool market,

- by providing quality products and services

- by respecting society and the environment

- by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and our employees

- by always working honestly and justly with in the framework of ethical values

- by acting in compliance with legal regulations and standards


 As a strong company that gives importance to people, cultural values and environment; innovative, producing quality jobs in the light of

intelligence and science and to be a company that “Leaving permanent works to next generations”.